Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fill In The Blanks Friday

I used to take part in Fill in the Blanks with my old blog and I thought I would give it a go again.

1.  I am proud of   getting my Bachelors degree, it was hard but I got there in the end and I did it all by myself.

2.   This weekend I will   be going to a play, starting an assignment on relationships, ice skating (I got free tix a little while back!), watching the Super rugby final and catching up with a friend who has just moved up from wellington.

3.  A secret dream I have is    to own a lifestyle block and live off the grid.

4. I can't handle    when people act like things haven't happened and don't acknowledge them.

5. The most annoying thing in the entire world is   buying coffee beans instead of the ground stuff and realising you have no coffee in the morning.

6. The most relaxing thing in the entire world is   reading a book in the bath.

7.  I think everyone should   live their lives for them and not worry about judgement from others.

Happy weekend!


  1. Ditto on # 4, as I know a few family members that do this. Ignore it and it didn't happen... so they think. And I completely agree with that last one, too.


  2. You know, I don't think I've ever read a book in the bath before!

    x Jasmine